Now a smart application that sings you a lullaby

Every time you find difficult catching your sleep at night, make use of your Smartphone like Smart Application. Yes, due to technological advancements we now have an application known as Sleep Cycle which has been devised on iPhone to help you get sound sleep. Costing $2 on your iPhone, the application might not literally help you sleep. But it lets you learn about good sleeping habits. It works using the sensors of your phone placed on the mattress to detect and record your movements. In fact you can study a detailed analysis of this by exporting the compiled data and knowing how long were you getting deep sleep and how many times were you falling asleep in the light mode.

For those who use the Android phone, do not worry. Sleepbot is the application designed to follow your sleep patterns through motion sensors of the Smartphone. The interface might not be so smart to use compared to Sleep cycle but this application will not let you down due its incredible performance. You can set the desired sleep times, or reminders for going to sleep and also study if your sleep has a correlation with a more quiet environment or otherwise. There is another application by the name of Simply Rain that plays soothing music to let you go off to sleep before shuttling off the music.

The new age application can surely let you know if there is any deficit in your sound sleep. If yes it will further let you understand the main reasons that you can overcome using these highly effective applications.

Nielsen Launches First Consumer Mobile App in the US

Nielsen has just launched Nielsen Top Ten, an app for the mobile platform that gives analytical insights into media and product trends. Nielsen, founded by Arthur C Nielsen Sr in 1923, is specialists in global information and analysis of consumer trends. Mitchell Habib, Chief Operating Officer said that the app was designed, developed and launched by talented industry professionals with a view to giving consumers a single source access to different types of content and product data. He said that it is a one-of-its-kind tool that would help marketers knows buying preferences of people.

Paul Donato, chief research officer said that mobiles are growing in popularity and introducing this app was a logical step to meet emerging needs. The app was launched with a simultaneous bus tour of ten cities to Universities in the country including the University of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, New York University, Howard University and Tufts, to popularize it with college students. Nielsen plans to hold local events at each institution including interactive tent, customized top ten lists with content drawn from student insights and silent disco.

Top Ten covers music, movies, books, mobile apps, TV shows, websites, cosmetics, beer, candy and video games, to mention a few of the huge amount of data it tracks. Users can customize Top Ten to personalize view of the top ten lists based on various parameters such as age, location and gender. Data is based on US consumers at present and is aimed at the US markets. The app is available for iPhone, Android devices and iPads, downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store.

iPhone 5s Got Super Success After Launch

It’s been a fantastic month for all the iPhone fanatics. The much awaited iPhone 5s is finally made available at Apple stores and customers are seen forming bee lines to grab their favourite gadget. Although the company released a cheaper version of the phone, it was the regular costlier version in stunning gold colour that swept the sales.

After spending two weeks camping near the famous Apple Store in Fifth Avenue, in the company of other iPhone enthusiasts in their twenties, it was Brian Ceballo, a musician from Brooklyn, who finally managed to become the first proud New York owner of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, eBay has been doing brisk business, thanks to the scarcity of the golden and silver versions of the iPhone 5s. It has been reported that the auctions on eBay have been fetching prices as high as $1,500 for the 32 GB model. Many of those lucky people, who could write my essay get a hand on the 64 GB gold version, for a miserly $850, were found reselling their phones on eBay at almost three times the price i.e. $2300 to $3000.

The unprecedented demand for the gold iPhone 5s meant that the delivery time slipped to October within 30 minutes, for the online buyers.

It is being speculated that Indian iPhone lovers will be able to get the iPhone 5s only after three months from now. The latest version which is made available for retail purchase on in as many as 11 countries is loaded with an upgraded camera, a fingerprint sensor as well as a faster processor than its predecessor. The iPhone 5c which is the cheaper version is available in five colours in plastic cases.