A Clear Visualization of the Future Data Center in Coming Time

Data centers have been witnessing transformational change as business demands grow. At the heart of this change is cloud technology and the way user store, access and use data. Today, data centers are being the center all our compute requirements. As a result, technological innovation is leading to new and better services as the quality of service improves significantly. Network service improvements are another evolutionary area leading to better streaming and data sharing.

On-demand data services are proving to be another transformational business development in the data storage space. Major cloud vendors are employing a range of “Data-as-a-service” models to improve the process of data delivery. This model enjoys robust business potential as more and more enterprise seek greater control of data.

Also, with the rapid proliferation of mobile smartphones and a corresponding surge in usage of mobile applications, there is a spurt in development of new mobile applications. In fact, the introduction of open platforms are helping support all major applications including Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows. Open source software platforms that can integrate with any platform-data center or cloud is now being offered by some vendors, allowing you to create/customize your own app on their platform.

Biggies such as Google, HP and Microsoft are striving to offer a single platform service for all cloud needs ranging from data, streaming services, applications, workloads and other IT services by pooling all central cloud modules into a single service: comprehensive cloud compute possibilities are now a reality.

All these developments have been driven by the surging demand for data center and cloud services. Technological advancements in line with evolving demands will lead to better data and cloud services, more efficient applications and enhanced delivery models in the future data center.

Can You Make Your Content Stand Out?

One of the key marketing strategies – content marketing is an important contributing factor in today’s businesses. The virtual world receives millions of content every minute, raising the bar for quality and increasing the level online competition. The overwhelming level of response has increased chances of your well-written and well-presented getting lost amidst other contents.

Bearing this in mind, what’s the best way for your content to stand out from the rest?

Here’ what you can do to make your content shine:

  • Make your content appealing: One of the key marketing tips (and one that works every time) is to make your content appealing and aim them directly to the audience. Some of the most successful marketers have followed this tip to the ‘T’ – irrespective of how niche their audience is. Also, making the content appealing to various segments of the audience also works in the long run as it attracts more traffic to the blog, site and social media pages.
  • Be a thought leader: If you are an established thought leader – it is easier for you to beat your competition. Not only people look-up to you but they also tend to rely on you for knowledge and guidance in the industry. But then again ‘if’ you are an industry leader….Unfortunately , establishing yourself as one is going to need a lot of time, sincerity, knowledge of industry trends and news – basically, you need to be an expert who can pen his experience. Your target audience should be able to identify with your writing and be able to find solution to their issues.
  • Understand your competition: You don’t have to make all your mistakes to learn from them. Observe your competition closely and learn from their moves. Learn what techniques have worked for them and what tactics haven’t. This will help you grow faster and avoid various pitfalls.
  • Set up webinars: Connecting with your audience through the virtual world is a great way of building relations with the industry leaders and insiders. While some of them may not have the patience to read your content, watching a video will not need an equal amount of effort. All that they need to do is hit play – and you can get talking!
  • Involve and engage your readers- Once you have your target audiences grey cells ticking and get them involved in your work – you have yourself a loyal set of followers. Stay clear of over-promoting yourself or your company. Give them the option to connect with you via social networking sites or emails.

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iPhone 5s Got Super Success After Launch

It’s been a fantastic month for all the iPhone fanatics. The much awaited iPhone 5s is finally made available at Apple stores and customers are seen forming bee lines to grab their favourite gadget. Although the company released a cheaper version of the phone, it was the regular costlier version in stunning gold colour that swept the sales.

After spending two weeks camping near the famous Apple Store in Fifth Avenue, in the company of other iPhone enthusiasts in their twenties, it was Brian Ceballo, a musician from Brooklyn, who finally managed to become the first proud New York owner of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, eBay has been doing brisk business, thanks to the scarcity of the golden and silver versions of the iPhone 5s. It has been reported that the auctions on eBay have been fetching prices as high as $1,500 for the 32 GB model. Many of those lucky people, who could write my essay get a hand on the 64 GB gold version, for a miserly $850, were found reselling their phones on eBay at almost three times the price i.e. $2300 to $3000.

The unprecedented demand for the gold iPhone 5s meant that the delivery time slipped to October within 30 minutes, for the online buyers.

It is being speculated that Indian iPhone lovers will be able to get the iPhone 5s only after three months from now. The latest version which is made available for retail purchase on in as many as 11 countries is loaded with an upgraded camera, a fingerprint sensor as well as a faster processor than its predecessor. The iPhone 5c which is the cheaper version is available in five colours in plastic cases.

Cloud Computing The Next Technology in Online

Thomas Bidaux, CEO online game consulting firm ICO partners is a well-regarded expert on online game consultant. In a recent interview with GDC Next, he explained why cloud computing, crowd funding & user-generated content are the possible future key areas for developing the next generation of games.

On cloud computing, Thomas Bidaux expressed high hopes for its current untapped potential. Social games, mobile games, and the new generation of online PC have already started the trends but much needs to be done to fully take advantage of cloud computing as a whole. One good point in this case is to make the user gaming profiles and storing the games in their cloud gaming account as well, making a seamless experience for the player. This will readily allow the gamer to worry less about its gaming console and only use it as a means to access his favourite game titles. Simultaneously, as the technical constrains change, new design model for the games evolve over a period of time.

For crowd funding, Thomas asserted that crowd funding has already brought some small changes to the industry. Studios have starting treating their essaywritingservice customers far more seriously as they are the potential contributors for their future projects. It forces the studios to think and understand the publishers’ problem. Certainly it leads to maturing of the computer game industry as we all learn of the different components that go into making a game and bringing it to market.

In user generated content, Bidaux said that there exists a acute need for game communities to initiate and evolve over a period of time by ample moderating the forums and chat discussions. Many new comers are turned off by blatant expressions of passionate “game experts” who frequently display outbursts of emotions leading to dismissal many new members. It is hence recommended that game communities are nurtured early, self-regulated and evolved gradually to maintain the popularity of the game.