Cosentry DataCenter Storage and Managed Technology Major

DataCenter storage and managed technology major, Cosentry, spearheaded by its new CEO, Mr. Brad Hokamp is adding to its Papillion center as the company witnesses soaring demand for data storage needs. Several businesses in the region need to gather, store and process data and are driving demand for Cosentry’s data center storage and managed technology services.

To meet surging demand, Cosentry is availing fresh credit and has embarked on an expansion drive. Construction of a new 15,000 sft facility is underway at its existing location at Papillion. In addition to its existing data center services, Cosentry is also focusing on growing its cloud computing, managed IT services and e-commerce hosting services to drive revenues.

The company has charted a spectacular growth path from its modest beginnings over a decade back, and its team comprising technicians and engineers have doubled its strength in the last four to five years. Cosentry has built a formidable reputation with six data centers and is today, a name to reckon with, even as it continues to grow at a rapid clip. The company which began with a few clients on board now enjoys hundreds of reputed names relying on it for their diverse IT service needs.

Cosentry enjoys the patronage of several companies across industry sectors including healthcare, financial services, construction, logistics and e-commerce. These companies depend on Cosentry for leased space and other services through its co-location data centre.

Cosentry is firming up further growth plans for the future and aims to expand its footprint across geographies while enhancing it service portfolio and delivery standards. The enterprise strategy is to achieve leadership position in data center services in the Midwest.

Enhanced AppOnChip Software Security Technology from SafeNet

SafeNet, developer of the Sentinel Envelope file wrapper technology has launched an enhanced version of the licensing and software protection app. The latest release offered to software developers featuring AppOnchip functionality links software to hardware keys as a prerequisite to authorization, validation and execution of code. Enhanced AppOnChip Software Security Technology from SafeNet – ITBUsinessplus

AppOnchip works fully automatically in conjunction with the Sentinel hardware key, with certain parts of the codes called into execution during access. If the key is not present, users cannot proceed further. The simplicity and beauty of the new offering is that the key itself does not store any application code, offering better intellectual property protection and enhancing Sentinel’s file encryption, anti-debugging and code hiding features, thus preventing unauthorized hacking and access.

Achieving the same results manually is a cumbersome process but SafeNet has automated the process, thus encouraging software developers to protect their creations with the latest and the best software licensing implementation.

AppOnChip offers better security since it uses the hardware token to run a block of code that is selectable by a developer. Developers can easily implement the binding code and convert it into token executable form in an easy process. While the hardware token is required, code is always stored in the hard disc and the app accesses the code on the token for validation. Since this process is external to the main software, it remains unaffected in the event of software version upgrades. While it makes life simple for licensed users, it presents insurmountable obstacles to hackers and unauthorized users, making it one of the best of its kind.

Open Source Social Media Networking Framework and Platform

The burgeoning network of Open Source Social Media, growing demand for their services and evolving need for keeping up with prolific data volumes are pushing such large enterprises as Facebook to shift to more efficient technologies. Facebook has been experiencing fewer hardware breakdowns ever since it started opting for open-source hardware for its gigantic servers. In a departure from the conventional, monolithic server systems, the rapidly growing social network platform is collaborating with design specialists to create new open source hardware, a trend that’s fast catching on in the IT world.

However, even considering the shift to a more traffic-friendly platform, solutions to major problems in data hardware still evade specialists working on this model. The question remains: Is open-source the right solution? Facebook has in fact stated that the shift to open source hardware has enabled constituents of the social media network to improve data efficiencies and reduce operating cost.

The “Open Compute Project” which is an open-source hardware group comprising team members from Facebook offers ideas for innovation and execution. The project was launched in the year 2011 with a data center featuring fully run on open-source servers only at Lulea in Sweden.

The team compared performance of its Sweden and US centers with quality rates as the parameter. The comparison test revealed a 15 failure rate in the Sweden center which has 100% open source equipment, while a significantly higher 3% failure rate was observed at the US data center which had a mix of open-source and non-open source hardware.

Facebook is focusing on open-source hardware and believes that its initiative will positively influence hardware design in the future.

DataCenter performance to be driven by focus on servers

DataCenter Server Solutions today are being influenced by cutting-edge technology such as fabric-based computing systems. Several large date centers across the globe are focusing on innovative technologies to enhance efficiencies. From “Virtualization” which has helped drive server utilization levels and empowered enterprises to reduce costs significantly and also optimize hardware to “Data Center Design” more recently, new trends are influencing performance of data centers as the current shift seems to be towards servers.

While several platform modification including better temperature control systems and re-designed cables/server architecture have been helping improve efficiencies of data centers, the server is now the centre of change.

Open-Source Hardware which is now being embraced by Facebook through its Open Compute Project is promising good results as one of the advantages is that this process offer greater flexibility in terms of customizing hardware without incurring higher costs. Others advantages include access to open-source hardware and open-source management tools.

With Open Compute, system administrators are now relieved from the burden of familiarizing themselves with all the management tools of multiple server vendors as the new technology allows for a single tool for hardware management thus, cutting down complexity and allowing for swift and easy execution of management tasks.

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Open Compute is helping integrate server hardware and software enabling improved efficiencies at data centers. Now servers will not be off-the-shelf hardware but will largely be customized according to the requirements of the customer. The focus on servers is now a critical development enabling change and evolution at modern data centers.

Digital Marketing Changed the Way B2B Market Functions

The face of B2B sales and Marketing has changed rapidly over time. Termed as consumerization of B2B, there is a rapid change in the way offerings are purchased and dealt with. How Has Digital Marketing Changed the Way Your B2B Market Functions?

IT products that are flying off the shelf are cloud-based, social media enabled, mobile capable with less involvement of sales. The best examples being the android market or iTune store. These features, with easy self-service options & instant gratification, do not need sales pitch.

Below we cover how digital marketing has changed the way B2B sales & marketing functions in 2013:

  • Social selling has gone mainstream: A look at the year 2012 shows that people preferred to make cold calls or send emails to book an appointment. In 2013, sales executives have taken to social media networks to connect with prospective clients. This has helped them add a personal touch, winning a higher response rate from clients and customers. Social media has also helped B2B marketers leverage contacts and networks of customers, colleagues, partners, while keeping an eye on their clients online activities.
  • Sales executives have adopted big data: B2B sales leaders have embraced big data. This step has effectively increased their sales. Big data helps to identify and segment customers with highest contribution to the company’s revenues, find leads and study customer usage patterns. By teaming analytics & sales automation, these companies target prospects & customers – offering personalized services based on specific customer behavior.
  • Customer engagement makes it to the priority list: Company’s don’t stop at making a sale and moving on to the next deal. With increased subscription based models, unsatisfied customers can unsubscribe from services at any given point. This has aligned organizations to chase and monitor customer behavior, encouraging engagement throughout the life cycle. Some companies have also appointed VP for customer engagement – dedicating them to up-selling and renewals
  • The line between sales and marketing is blurred: The process of conducting sales and marketing has evolved. The outbound sale has become inbound sales, mainly due to online conferencing tools. Similarly, the inbound sales in being replaced by self-service and self-help tools and website resources. With this evolution, there is a very thin line separating sales and marketing. This has lead to an increased interaction and collaboration between marketing & sales teams.
  • Laptops are replaced by tablets: Being lightweight and easy to use, tablets have become favorites of sales reps on the go. From shipping to product documentations & demonstration, this new gadget helps to do a quick research on prospects before meetings or capture leads at trade shows
  • Sales tools have moved to the Cloud: Most companies have adopted cloud-based software for billing & subscription. This has offered increased visibility for customers billing cycle and is helpful in growing and renewing their subscriptions. Cloud-based products are also more stream-lined.

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Nielsen Launches First Consumer Mobile App in the US

Nielsen has just launched Nielsen Top Ten, an app for the mobile platform that gives analytical insights into media and product trends. Nielsen, founded by Arthur C Nielsen Sr in 1923, is specialists in global information and analysis of consumer trends. Mitchell Habib, Chief Operating Officer said that the app was designed, developed and launched by talented industry professionals with a view to giving consumers a single source access to different types of content and product data. He said that it is a one-of-its-kind tool that would help marketers knows buying preferences of people.

Paul Donato, chief research officer said that mobiles are growing in popularity and introducing this app was a logical step to meet emerging needs. The app was launched with a simultaneous bus tour of ten cities to Universities in the country including the University of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, New York University, Howard University and Tufts, to popularize it with college students. Nielsen plans to hold local events at each institution including interactive tent, customized top ten lists with content drawn from student insights and silent disco.

Top Ten covers music, movies, books, mobile apps, TV shows, websites, cosmetics, beer, candy and video games, to mention a few of the huge amount of data it tracks. Users can customize Top Ten to personalize view of the top ten lists based on various parameters such as age, location and gender. Data is based on US consumers at present and is aimed at the US markets. The app is available for iPhone, Android devices and iPads, downloadable from Google Play and Apple Store.

Is Cloud Computing Costing You the Earth?

Cloud has been quite a news maker in the IT industry with increasing number of leading IT players opting for Cloud computing services. While most industrialists are increasing their profit margin with less manpower and better efficiency, environmentalist are frowning upon the energy consumed by the leading IT players to keep the service up and running.

An in-depth study conducted on energy sourcing and consumption by Greenpeace titled “How Clean is Your Cloud?” showed some alarming results. The study included data centers of some of the largest tech companies and investigated the data center deployments of 14 of the market leaders. Clean Energy Index, an evaluating system has been set by the International Environmental Organization with the main purpose being assessing & comparing energy linked footprints of cloud providers & their data centers.

Greenpeace has observed that there’s limited transparency with regards to electricity consumption by IT companies; this being the case despite the fact that there are various metrics for the purpose of measuring the consumption with the most prominent being PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). As per Greenpeace, the data that depicts the dirty energy consumed (energy sourced from coal & nuclear power) & companies opting for clean source (renewable sources of energy) are poorly demarcated. Bearing this in mind, Greenpeace hopes that Clean Energy Index provides a clearer picture. The index considers recent investments & current energy supply related to these investments.

The most relevant findings of this index are:

  • The 3 largest companies – Apple, Amazon & Microsoft are expanding rapidly but continue to behave irresponsibly towards the source of energy supply. As per reports, they rely heavily on dirty energy to keep their clouds up & running
  • The most responsible companies were found to be Yahoo & Google, resorting to using renewable energy in their cloud expansion
  • Facebook has also come on board with renewable energy. It has gone a step ahead and constructed a data center in Sweden that can be powered by renewable/ clean energy.
  • The location for these data centers is also playing an important factor in the form of energy being consumed. Certain areas have a concentration of data centers around dirty energy sources. Its aggravating the environmental damage for that geography
  • One of the first companies to give a detailed report of carbon intensity under the CUE (Carbon Utilization Effectiveness) standards is Akamai. As per Greenpeace, the rest of the companies chose to refrain from commenting about CUE.
  • Though most IT companies have pitched cloud as a more “greener” option, they fail to back it up with valid reports supporting this claim.

Despite the picture not being perfect, there are encouraging signs that more & more IT companies are opting for renewable sources of energy, thus playing a positive role in shaping a better future for the earth.

5 factors SMBs can Bank on for Selection of Security Software

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often find it difficult to select an appropriate security solution because of the obvious intricacies involved. Information security threats, risks and regulations are the major hurdles which these entities have to face before they can zero in on a reliable solution. With the availability of a lot of solutions to address the issues like confidentiality of information, integrity as well as concerns of availability, the task becomes all the more demanding because it makes selection of the right solution a complex issue. However, by considering and weighing the advantages offered by certain factors, SMBs can effectively select a robust security solution that integrates with their business on a long term basis.

  • Flexibility: An ideal security solution for an SMB should be flexible enough so that it can be scaled as the need arises. By scaling we mean that the pricing model should be such that the SMB should not be made to pay extra for administrative consoles without compromising on its functionality. Most of the security solutions today have successfully integrated with popular applications from large organizations. However, if they cannot do so by scaling down for the SMBs, then such solutions cannot fit easily into the SMB.
  • Ease and Simplicity: A piece of advice from the CEO of Avecto, Mr.Mark Austin is that, SMBs should give priority to those solutions which are simple and easy to set up as well as maintain. This can be done by employing the existing services like Active Directory.
  • Effortless integration: Austin also stated that those solutions which can make full use of existing infrastructure will have a better capability of integration as they have a shorter learning curve. This can prove to be of additional value for the SMB
  • Automatic updates: As the threat environment is constantly changing, it becomes essential for the SMB to have a solution that can automatically update not only the consoles but also the software on the end users desktop.
  • Compliance: This is the last and very vital issue. There are a number of software’s which claim compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, PCI etc without proper explanation of its meaning. SMBs must rely only on those software’s which provide adequate guidelines of configuration that completely explain about these regulations and also about the various issues which the solution can address.

Deciding the Corporate Open Source To Be An Oxymoron

The sponsorship of open source technology is not only confined to a few reasons but, the diversity of genuine reasons range from coverage of code testing to direct monetization to community development has given it so much motivation.

As told by Bryan Cantrill, products had sponsorships which were hitched to the open source community train. In the past, it is been noticed that a philosophical divide has come up in the concept of releasing a product in an open source license. There can be a limit made on the consumption of computer components under the licensing agreement. The similar indignities are suffered by the open source software and commercial software buyers under the direct monetization model.

One of the flows in the model divides the factors like open source camp and enterprise camp. So, the question is how companies can give ROI to its shareholders by sponsoring an open source technology. Therefore, the goals and sharing of profit must be clear.

After that the focus was on providing valuable services to the customers by high performance cloud infrastructure. Then the though process begin to make the cloud offerings more appealing for the customers. A differentiation and comparison can be seen between source Java and Sun Microsystem.

To improve on the system, it was decided to use them on its own and develop it further. Node.js was then developed with the newly created modules which included Mark Cavage’s node restify and Trent Mick’s node bunyan. One can enjoy different functions if played with different devices. Node.js is right model which can be used by the users and is a win for them.