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August is a hot time and in Open Source there were several hot topics worth more than a mention on opensource.com. In all there were 47 articles with a total of 200000 page views in the month, a pointer to growing popularity of this platform.

When it come too hot topics of the month, Bringing Open Source Methodologies to Local Communities undoubtedly topped the list with huge public interest in the use of open source for community betterment. Education is another sector where open sector is covering ground, worthy of mention being Boston X and availability of guide to free and open source education. Programmable Robots are all the rage with students and Charlie Reisinger, IT Director for PennManor School District showcased how scratch and The Finch, a programmable robot ran on open source vgrmalaysia.net code.

Mention Cloud and open source is never far away, forming the backbone of many cloud services. Georg Greve came out with a wonderful guide on how to select a cloud service provider that is a must for business users and just as useful for individuals too.

A Red Hat Linux intern gave his unique take on Pulp, a platform that helps users manage content repositories with an accent on cloud providers and data security. It is worth a read.

When it came to page view five articles topped the list starting with A year of Linux Desktop at West cliff High School by stu Jarvis, KDE Marketing Working Group, with the highest at 9992. Afraid Someone Will Steal your Idea by Daniel Solis, Art Director and Game designer was next with 9113 views. Bryan Behrenshausen’s How to create an EBook the Open Source way was third with 5901 page view. Richard Fontana’s Post Open Source Software Licensing and Github had a somewhat lower score of 3683 at fourth position and Michael Tiemann’s Can there Be Open Source Music was fifth placed with 3657 page views.

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