Security Software for Bank Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) often find it difficult to select an appropriate security solution because of the obvious intricacies involved. Information security threats, risks and regulations are the major hurdles which these entities have to face before they can zero in on a reliable solution. With the availability of a lot of solutions to address the issues like confidentiality of information, integrity as well as concerns of availability, the task becomes all the more demanding because it makes selection of the right solution a complex issue. However, by considering and weighing the advantages offered by certain factors, SMBs can effectively select a robust security solution that integrates with their business on a long term basis.

  • Flexibility: An ideal security solution for an SMB should be flexible enough so that it can be scaled as the need arises. By scaling we mean that the pricing model should be such that the SMB should not be made to pay extra for administrative consoles without compromising on its functionality. Most of the security solutions today have successfully integrated with popular applications from large organizations. However, if they cannot do so by scaling down for the SMBs, then such solutions cannot fit easily into the SMB.
  • Ease and Simplicity: A piece of advice from the CEO of Avecto, Mr.Mark Austin is that, SMBs should give priority to those solutions which are simple and easy to set up as well as maintain. This can be done by employing the existing services like Active Directory.
  • Effortless integration: Austin also stated that those solutions which can make full use of existing infrastructure will have a better capability of integration as they have a shorter learning curve. This can prove to be of additional value for the SMB
  • Automatic updates: As the threat environment is constantly changing, it becomes essential for the SMB to have a solution that can automatically update not only the consoles but also the software on the end users desktop.

Compliance: This is the last and very vital issue. There are a number of software’s which claim compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, PCI etc without proper explanation of its meaning. SMBs must rely only on those software’s which provide adequate guidelines of configuration that completely explain about these regulations and also about the various issues which the solution can address.

Oracle Adds 10 New Services in its Kitty

The Oracle Open World held at San Francisco 2013 revealed quite a few developments in the world of technology. The hardware and software systems giant Oracle unveiled 10 services of the cloud that let the customers make the most of the enterprise capabilities. One of its new features includes the Oracle cloud marketplace which allows its customers to surf internet, analyze and buy business applications.

  • Compute Cloud
  • Java Cloud
  • Mobile Cloud
  • Object Storage Cloud
  • Documents Cloud
  • Database Backup Cloud
  • Business Intelligence Cloud
  • Database Cloud
  • Billing and Revenue Management

Cloud These are the rest of the services from the Cloud Model.

With a customer base of 10,000 companies, the Oracle Cloud takes care of as many as 18 billion transactions every day. All these services have been conceptualized and launched with an aim to offer innovate and reliable business applications to its customers. The developers have created mobile application programming interfaces to allow integration of their applications along with enterprise data and services. On the other hand, with Database Oracle the user can configure the volume of storage they require. While they do this, Oracle will handle the cloud database through a back up at night. If need be, it will manage the patches, updates of the software and maintenance services as well. The new Java Cloud functions on the basis of WebLogic Server clusters. The good news is that it can be modified with any Java application. This feature allows three alternatives of basic, maximum availability and managed on a monthly subscription basis. Just this sneak-peek into the whole gamut of Cloud services and as a user you already can feel the excitement.

Scientists in Britain Mull Secure Communication for Cloud Computing

Securing personal data in today’s digitized world is assuming greater importance with several security threats looming on the cyber horizon. Projects are underway, which are aiming at safeguarding of multi-party computation tasks.

Multi-party computation as a technology is aimed at helping groups of people compute personal functions with secret inputs while ensuring secrecy of inputs. Multi-party computation may be capable of offering significant benefits for cloud collaboration as it can help secure systems and protect user’s data from others.

Scientists of the UK-Danish region are partnering on a project to enable secure communication for cloud computing. The project goal is to enable real-world performance of the SPDZ protocol (where two machines work on multi part computation tasks whilst ensuring secrecy of their respective data). The description of the protocol SPDZ is: “secure against active static adversaries in the standard model, is actively secure, and tolerates corruption of n-1 of the n parties.

While the protocol allows some sharing, exclusive of inputs and computing tasks in the offline phase during the run up to the actual processing, during the online phase, secure computation is executed.

SPDZ depends on message authentication code to perform and its performance is hampered because users are required to provide their respective code to communicate in a system where the message authentication code is shared. The result is sluggish performance. Apart from the reduced performance, other challenges include a laborious key generation and weak security.

Successful testing and fine tuning of the SPDZ protocol could mean greater security to users seeking to protect their information.

Hot, New, Amazing Open Source Innovation Ideas

August is a hot time and in Open Source there were several hot topics worth more than a mention on In all there were 47 articles with a total of 200000 page views in the month, a pointer to growing popularity of this platform.

When it come too hot topics of the month, Bringing Open Source Methodologies to Local Communities undoubtedly topped the list with huge public interest in the use of open source for community betterment. Education is another sector where open sector is covering ground, worthy of mention being Boston X and availability of guide to free and open source education. Programmable Robots are all the rage with students and Charlie Reisinger, IT Director for PennManor School District showcased how scratch and The Finch, a programmable robot ran on open source code.

Mention Cloud and open source is never far away, forming the backbone of many cloud services. Georg Greve came out with a wonderful guide on how to select a cloud service provider that is a must for business users and just as useful for individuals too.

A Red Hat Linux intern gave his unique take on Pulp, a platform that helps users manage content repositories with an accent on cloud providers and data security. It is worth a read.

When it came to page view five articles topped the list starting with A year of Linux Desktop at West cliff High School by stu Jarvis, KDE Marketing Working Group, with the highest at 9992. Afraid Someone Will Steal your Idea by Daniel Solis, Art Director and Game designer was next with 9113 views. Bryan Behrenshausen’s How to create an EBook the Open Source way was third with 5901 page view. Richard Fontana’s Post Open Source Software Licensing and Github had a somewhat lower score of 3683 at fourth position and Michael Tiemann’s Can there Be Open Source Music was fifth placed with 3657 page views.

Datacenters the New IT Tool for Business Growth

In a competitive age, it is extremely desirable that IT Tool and services are developed to gain success through revenue generation, customer retention and compliance of regulations in the market. Datacenter is one avenue that can help achieve this goal of a business. Data centers can help a business make cost effective investments, decrease energy utilization and space consumption. It helps make optimum utilization of IT and mitigate risks, thereby enhancing service quality.

Modern data centers allow businesses to control server with higher flexibility and scalability. Thus this paves way for individual businesses to get accustomed to the surrounding environment. There is clarity in understanding the customers and hence further precision in decision making process. Data centers allow innovation to creep in by centralizing management, customer connections and development of new business schemes. Every organization incorporating data centers support virtualization and cloud computing in realizing the benefits of dedicated computing resources. But this does not mean businesses need to create physical infrastructure in every location where you intend your business to grow. Irrespective of the region, any business is certain to decrease physical server counts almost by 50 to 60% through datacenters.

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The new age data centers perform at a faster rate of time, increases cost advantage, IT efficiency and higher infrastructure and operational mobility. However it is essential for every business to understand that a datacenter should not be over-engineered. There should be better understanding as to how will the gap between the software and the systems bridged to assist application development. Last but not the least an organization should judge the exact requirement for the inventory that is essential for proper capacity planning and for streamlining the consolidation process.