Enhanced AppOnChip Software Security Technology from SafeNet


SafeNet, developer of the Sentinel Envelope file wrapper technology has launched an enhanced version of the licensing and software protection app. The latest release offered to software developers featuring AppOnchip functionality links software to hardware keys as a prerequisite to authorization, validation and execution of code. Enhanced AppOnChip Software Security Technology from SafeNet – ITBUsinessplus

AppOnchip works fully automatically in conjunction with the Sentinel hardware key, with certain parts of the codes called into execution during access. If the key is not present, users cannot proceed further. The simplicity and beauty of the new offering is that the key itself does not store any application code, offering better intellectual property protection and enhancing Sentinel’s file encryption, anti-debugging and code hiding features, thus preventing unauthorized hacking and access.

Achieving the same results manually is a cumbersome process but SafeNet has automated the process, thus encouraging software developers to protect their creations with the latest and the best software licensing implementation.

AppOnChip offers better security since it uses the hardware token to run a block of code that is selectable by a developer. Developers can easily implement the binding code and convert it into token executable form in an easy process. While the hardware token is required, code is always stored in the hard disc and the app accesses the code on the token for validation. Since this process is external to the main software, it remains unaffected in the event of software version upgrades. While it makes life simple for licensed users, it presents insurmountable obstacles to hackers and unauthorized users, making it one of the best of its kind.

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