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Open Source Social Media Networking Framework and Platform


The burgeoning network of Open Source Social Media, growing demand for their services and evolving need for keeping up with prolific data volumes are pushing such large enterprises as Facebook to shift to more efficient technologies. Facebook has been experiencing fewer hardware breakdowns ever since it started opting for open-source hardware for its gigantic servers. In a departure from the conventional, monolithic server systems, the rapidly growing social network platform is collaborating with design specialists to create new open source hardware, a trend that’s fast catching on in the IT world.

However, even considering the shift to a more traffic-friendly platform, solutions to major problems in data hardware still evade specialists working on this model. The question remains: Is open-source the right solution? Facebook has in fact stated that the shift to open source hardware has enabled constituents of the social media network to improve data efficiencies and reduce operating cost.

The “Open Compute Project” which is an open-source hardware group comprising team members from Facebook offers ideas for innovation and execution. The project was launched in the year 2011 with a data center featuring fully run on open-source servers only at Lulea in Sweden.

The team compared performance of its Sweden and US centers with quality rates as the parameter. The comparison test revealed a 15 failure rate in the Sweden center which has 100% open source equipment, while a significantly higher 3% failure rate was observed at the US data center which had a mix of open-source and non-open source hardware.

Facebook is focusing on open-source hardware and believes that its initiative will positively influence hardware design in the future.

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