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DataCenter performance to be driven by focus on servers


DataCenter Server Solutions today are being influenced by cutting-edge technology such as fabric-based computing systems. Several large date centers across the globe are focusing on innovative technologies to enhance efficiencies. From “Virtualization” which has helped drive server utilization levels and empowered enterprises to reduce costs significantly and also optimize hardware to “Data Center Design” more recently, new trends are influencing performance of data centers as the current shift seems to be towards servers.

While several platform modification including better temperature control systems and re-designed cables/server architecture have been helping improve efficiencies of data centers, the server is now the centre of change.

Open-Source Hardware which is now being embraced by Facebook through its Open Compute Project is promising good results as one of the advantages is that this process offer greater flexibility in terms of customizing hardware without incurring higher costs. Others advantages include access to open-source hardware and open-source management tools.

With Open Compute, system administrators are now relieved from the burden of familiarizing themselves with all the management tools of multiple server vendors as the new technology allows for a single tool for hardware management thus, cutting down complexity and allowing for swift and easy execution of management tasks.

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Open Compute is helping integrate server hardware and software enabling improved efficiencies at data centers. Now servers will not be off-the-shelf hardware but will largely be customized according to the requirements of the customer. The focus on servers is now a critical development enabling change and evolution at modern data centers.

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