iPhone 5s Got Super Success After Launch


It’s been a fantastic month for all the iPhone fanatics. The much awaited iPhone 5s is finally made available at Apple stores and customers are seen forming bee lines to grab their favourite gadget. Although the company released a cheaper version of the phone, it was the regular costlier version in stunning gold colour that swept the sales.

After spending two weeks camping near the famous Apple Store in Fifth Avenue, in the company of other iPhone enthusiasts in their twenties, it was Brian Ceballo, a musician from Brooklyn, who finally managed to become the first proud New York owner of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, eBay has been doing brisk business, thanks to the scarcity of the golden and silver versions of the iPhone 5s. It has been reported that the auctions on eBay have been fetching prices as high as $1,500 for the 32 GB model. Many of those lucky people, who could write my essay get a hand on the 64 GB gold version, for a miserly $850, were found reselling their phones on eBay at almost three times the price i.e. $2300 to $3000.

The unprecedented demand for the gold iPhone 5s meant that the delivery time slipped to October within 30 minutes, for the online buyers.

It is being speculated that Indian iPhone lovers will be able to get the iPhone 5s only after three months from now. The latest version which is made available for retail purchase on in as many as 11 countries is loaded with an upgraded camera, a fingerprint sensor as well as a faster processor than its predecessor. The iPhone 5c which is the cheaper version is available in five colours in plastic cases.

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