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A Clear Visualization of the Future Data Center in Coming Time


Data centers have been witnessing transformational change as business demands grow. At the heart of this change is cloud technology and the way user store, access and use data. Today, data centers are being the center all our compute requirements. As a result, technological innovation is leading to new and better services as the quality of service improves significantly. Network service improvements are another evolutionary area leading to better streaming and data sharing.

On-demand data services are proving to be another transformational business development in the data storage space. Major cloud vendors are employing a range of “Data-as-a-service” models to improve the process of data delivery. This model enjoys robust business potential as more and more enterprise seek greater control of data.

Also, with the rapid proliferation of mobile smartphones and a corresponding surge in usage of mobile applications, there is a spurt in development of new mobile applications. In fact, the introduction of open platforms are helping support all major applications including Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows. Open source software platforms that can integrate with any platform-data center or cloud is now being offered by some vendors, allowing you to create/customize your own app on their platform.

Biggies such as Google, HP and Microsoft are striving to offer a single platform service for all cloud needs ranging from data, streaming services, applications, workloads and other IT services by pooling all central cloud modules into a single service: comprehensive cloud compute possibilities are now a reality.

All these developments have been driven by the surging demand for data center and cloud services. Technological advancements in line with evolving demands will lead to better data and cloud services, more efficient applications and enhanced delivery models in the future data center.

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