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Thomas Bidaux, CEO online game consulting firm ICO partners is a well-regarded expert on online game consultant. In a recent interview with GDC Next, he explained why cloud computing, crowd funding & user-generated content are the possible future key areas for developing the next generation of games.

On cloud computing, Thomas Bidaux expressed high hopes for its current untapped potential. Social games, mobile games, and the new generation of online PC have already started the trends but much needs to be done to fully take advantage of cloud computing as a whole. One good point in this case is to make the user gaming profiles and storing the games in their cloud gaming account as well, making a seamless experience for the player. This will readily allow the gamer to worry less about its gaming console and only use it as a means to access his favourite game titles. Simultaneously, as the technical constrains change, new design model for the games evolve over a period of time.

For crowd funding, Thomas asserted that crowd funding has already brought some small changes to the industry. Studios have starting treating their essaywritingservice customers far more seriously as they are the potential contributors for their future projects. It forces the studios to think and understand the publishers’ problem. Certainly it leads to maturing of the computer game industry as we all learn of the different components that go into making a game and bringing it to market.

In user generated content, Bidaux said that there exists a acute need for game communities to initiate and evolve over a period of time by ample moderating the forums and chat discussions. Many new comers are turned off by blatant expressions of passionate “game experts” who frequently display outbursts of emotions leading to dismissal many new members. It is hence recommended that game communities are nurtured early, self-regulated and evolved gradually to maintain the popularity of the game.

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